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Nagpur India

From some years on, the lecithin market has dramatically changed due to the emergence of the genetically modified organisms, GMOs. At present, most of the soybeans that are grown on a global scale are GM.  

Non-GM soybeans are grown only in a few countries. The main countries for non-GM soybeans are Brazil and India.

In Brazil the contamination of transgenic organisms, GMOs, grow year after year, and the availability is not known in a future. In India, for the moment is only authorized the cultivation of non-GM soy.

Due to this reason, Lasenor has chosen India as a country to build a plant exclusively non-GM lecithin. The plant is located in Nagpur, at the center of the area of the soybean crops.

This plant produces standardized, filtered and modified, mostly hydrolysed lecithins.

From this plant, we supply straight all the customers of these products as well as the Indian market.

In order to complete the range of products which Lasenor offers in India, the decision was made in 2012 to invest in a synthetic emulsifier production plant. This plant is operational since October 2013 and follows Lasenor's philosophy of producing average sized batches to allow high flexibility, short delivery times, a wide range and a closeness to the client's needs.

This plant manufactures different kinds of monoglycerides (both saturated and insaturated), citric esters, polyglycerin esters, sorbitol esters, PGPR and various mixtures adapted to the Indian market.