Food Emulsifiers, Your Products Soul


2004: Foundation of Lasenor Emul, S.L.

2005: Building of the new ester plant in Olesa de Montserrat, with a capacity of Tn 16.000  

2006: Emulgrain, joint venture between Lasenor and Aceitera Vicentin, one of the major soybean and sunflower grinders in Argentina

2008: Lasenor Charbhuja, joint venture with Charbhuja. Adquisition of m2 16.000 in Nagpur (India)

2009: Building of a lecithin new plant in Nagpur

2012: Building of a new plant in Azov, dedicated to upgrade sunflower lecithin

2013: Building of a new plant in Nagpur, dedicated to synthetic emulsifiers

2013: Molinos Rio de la Plata and Oleaginosas Moreno (Glencore) new partners in Emulgrain