Lasenor Collaborates with SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital to Support Strategic Programs

Lasenor has furthered its commitment to social responsibility by collaborating with the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital. This collaboration now supports two important programs: Cuida’m and Myroom. These initiatives seek to bring positive change to the lives of children who are dealing with significant health challenges. Lasenor’s involvement demonstrates its dedication to improving healthcare access and enhancing the quality of life for vulnerable communities.

Cuida'm: Offering Treatment and Hope to Children from Developing Countries

One of the programs in which Lasenor has embarked on a meaningful collaboration with the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital is Cuida’m. This initiative seeks to provide life-saving treatment for children from developing countries who suffer from severe but curable diseases. Unfortunately, these children often lack the necessary economic resources to access the medical care they desperately need.


Cuida’m offers a ray of hope by giving these children the opportunity to receive specialized treatment at the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital. The primary objective is to restore their health and enable them to return to their home countries with an improved quality of life. Through their involvement in Cuida’m, Lasenor demonstrates a deep commitment to addressing healthcare disparities and supporting the most vulnerable members of society.

Myroom: Enhancing the Hospital Experience for Children

In addition to its collaboration with the Cuida’m program, Lasenor has also joined the Myroom initiative at the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital. This program focuses on enhancing the well-being and happiness of hospitalized children by providing them with access to engaging entertainment activities.

Through its participation in the Myroom program, Lasenor sponsors the activities in one of the hospital’s rooms for an entire year. These activities aim to create a nurturing and joyful environment for the children, fostering a sense of normalcy during their hospital stay. 

myroom sello 2023 CAT blanco

By supporting Myroom, Lasenor recognizes the importance of providing a holistic approach to pediatric healthcare, encompassing medical treatment and emotional well-being.


At Lasenor, we believe in upholding our core values of family spirit and social responsibility. We are proud to actively participate in programs that aim to improve the future of children, reflecting our commitment to these values.

Lasenor’s partnership with the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital reflects the company’s dedication to improving healthcare access and fostering a better quality of life for vulnerable communities. By collaborating with organizations like the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital, Lasenor sets an example for other companies to follow, highlighting the power of corporate social responsibility in transforming lives and making a positive difference in society.


The “Xocolatada Solidaria” (Drinking-Chocolate Solidarity Feast) collects more than 400.000 € that will be used for the investigation of childhood cancer.

9 non-profit associations, including Mua Solidaris (sponsored by Lasenor), have organized 900 “Xocolatades Solidàries” (Drinking-Chocolate Solidarity Feasts) all over Spain.

In a joint effort of Non-profit organizations, schools, social entities, private companies, participants and sponsors, more than 400.000 € have been collected and have been donated for 4 research projects projects on childhood cancer and 1 assistance project in the Integrative Pediatric Oncology Unit of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona.

Xocolatada Solidaria 2018


Lasenor signs a work placement agreement with Fundació Àuria to support people with disabilities and/or mental disease with guidance, while promoting their inclusion in the labor market.

Fundació Àuria is a Foundation for Labor Inclusion located in the vicinity of Lasenor’s HQ. Its goal is the creation of working places for people with disabilities and/or mental deaseases.