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This new addition will reinforce Lasenor presence in Latin America and Caribe, strengthening customer relationships thanks to a direct supply to the end-users. 

With the establishment of this latest sales and distribution office in Cali, Colombia, Lasenor focus on sustainable growth and offer value-added products to our customers in the region.  

Lasenor Andina has been created because of the acquisition of IGH Colombia SAS, following fruitful cooperation from 2018 that from the first steps put the focus on developing strategic alliances in the Colombian food industry. The acquisition agreement was formalized on Tuesday 18th of January 2022 and stood for a step forward in the “glocal” strategy of the Lasenor group. An essential part of Lasenor’s goal is to offer logistic advantages in the supply chain. Lasenor Andina will play a crucial role in this aim for delivering our products directly to the food manufacturers.  

Santiago de Cali or Cali in Colombia was chosen because of its strategic location, proximity to the market and Buenaventura seaport in the Pacific. This vibrant city is the capital of the Valle del Cauca department and the most populous city in Southwest Colombia. As the only major Colombian city with access to the Pacific Coast, Cali is the main urban and economic centre in the country’s south and has one of Colombia’s fastest-growing economies. From this strategic location, Lasenor Andina will be able to service directly reach the market, supporting customers in the region with local personnel. 

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The structure of the new-born Lasenor Andina will mirror other Lasenor business units in the rest of the world. The new company will be a new subsidiary with local, in-house teamwork managing Quality Assurance, Research & Development, Supply Chain & Logistic, Administration and Sales. Lasenor Andina will focus on setting up direct negotiation with the food manufacturer, benefit from having Lasenor production and expertise already part of its nature. 

This investment gives evidence of the Lasenor group’s strategic move to expand its growth towards foreign markets. The group is already present in more than 105 countries worldwide through 5 foreign subsidiaries. Therefore, showing this new operation is a further step towards an already announced corporate growth. 

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Good news for the Lasenor Group. Its subsidiary in the USA has obtained the FSSC22000 certification for food safety management systems. 

The Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000is a complete certification scheme for the auditing and certification of Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS). As a risk-based food safety management system, FSSC 22000 provides a robust solution to meet food manufacturing challenges through third-party certification, assuring effective management to control food safety hazards, minimize risks, and assure safe food production. Using the international standards; ISO 22000 for food safety management with ISO 22002-1, the prerequisite programs for food manufacturing together with additional FSSC 22000 requirements for certification, FSSC 22000 ensures consistent, high-quality audits which monitored by an integrity program to measure and maintain the performance of delivery all over the world. 


SGS auditing team proceeded with the Food Safety management system certification assessment in December 2021. Lasenor USA team successfully achieved the certification with the scope of manufacture and distribution of sunflower and soy lecithin. 

Lasenor USA, based in Salem, Ohio, was created in June 2019 to introduce Lasenor Group’s extensive lecithin and emulsifier product lines to producers in the North American marketplace. In its desire to offer the highest possible quality standard, Lasenor USA strengthens its presence as a manufacturer of food emulsifiers in the country, where it provides local support to existing multinational companies and local customers in the region. 

Congratulations to the entire Lasenor USA team! 

Lasenor continues consolidating its presence in the Brazilian market

A new project dedicated to expanding our facilities in Potim boosts the increase in the production capacity of lecithin and synthetic emulsifiers of Lasenor Brasil. 

Lasenor Brasil was created in 2016 in Potim, State of Sao Paulo, to take advantage of the local soy crops as one of the leading soybean producing countries.

The construction of this factory was a further step towards Lasenor objective of supplying row material as close as possible to the origins. Until 2017, Lasenor Brasil main goal was to produce local soy lecithin and import sunflower lecithin to offer a GMO-free alternative for a highly demanding market.

In 2018, Lasenor Brasil decided to increase its portfolio by importing synthetic emulsifiers and non-GMO lecithin produced in Barcelona (Spain) and Nagpur (India). In parallel, the new team designed to manage the business did an excellent job boosting local and export sales in a very complex and highly protectionist market like the Brazilian one.

Lasenor Brasil was created in 2016 in Potim, State of Sao Paulo, to take advantage of the local soy crops as one of the leading soybean producing countries.


 New lecithin tanks in Lasenor Brasil. 

The increase of local production in LASENOR BRASIL.

The import activity started in 2018 was doing quite well. But following the company strategy, the real aim was to expand the local production. Following this business project, at the beginning of 2019, Lasenor started building a synthetic emulsifier plant without molecular distillation but with the spray cooling technology to make powdered products. The spreading of the COVID-19 pandemic paused the project that is, finally, taking off with an opening scheduled for mid-2023. 

By the same year, Lasenor decided to invest in doubling the lecithin production capacity to reinforce the local market, where GMO-free products demand increases. The effort made by the Lasenor Brasil quality assurance team to obtain the recently incorporated Food Chain ID certification is in this line. 

This investment will contribute to the development of Potim with the generation of direct and indirect jobs and the movement of the local economy. The town is close to the Shrine of Aparecida do Norte and has more than 20 thousand inhabitants. 

Brazil is the second-largest soybean producer in the world.

Currently, Brazil is the second-largest soybean producer globally, only behind the United States. Last year, the country produced more than 114 million tons, according to data from the 2019/20 harvest from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa). With a record production estimated at 120.9 million tons, according to data published in July this year by the National Supply Company (Conab), there was a 5.1% gain compared to the 2018/19 harvest. 

Due to the large plantations and crops for vegetable oils, such as corn and soybeans, Brazil is for Lasenor a potential country to search for raw materials and contribute to the supply chain. In addition, the state of São Paulo concentrates most of the country’s food industries, being geographically crucial for distribution and contact with Brazilian customers. 

lasenor brasil

New contruction site of synthetic emulsifiers in Lasenor Brasil

Lasenor Brazil obtains FoodChain ID Non-GMO certification

Good news for The Lasenor Group, as its subsidiary in Brazil has obtained the FoodChain ID Non-GMO certification that supports its production of Non-GMO products. 

GM food has raised consumer concerns about its impact on the environment and on human and animal health. As a result, many countries require mandatory labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients when the percentage exceeds a certain threshold. 

To meet consumer transparency demands and to support companies in sourcing Non-GMO materials, FoodChain ID (a leader in Non-GMO certification) launched a first Non-GMO Certification and Non-GMO Mark (product seal) in 1999 to easily identify non-GMO products in the marketplace.

Today, the Global FoodChain ID Non-GMO Standard is recognized within the industry as the benchmark for a production system that does not genetically modify its products, as it applies a quality management system approach to identity preservation. This Standard is applicable to organizations involved in the cultivation, production, processing, storage, distribution, logistics and/or trade of Non-GM products. Product certification can be requested for raw materials, derivatives, additives, processing aids and finished products, including livestock and animal feed.

The certification obtained therefore ensures that Lasenor Brazil complies with the previously mentioned Global FoodChain ID Non-GMO Standard and also with the country’s legislative requirements, which establishes mandatory labeling of natural products, ingredients, food and feed containing GMOs or derivatives with a GMO content equal to or greater than 1%.

Certificate attesting to food safety 

Lasenor Brazil, based in the town of Potim, in the state of São Paulo, manufactures standardized soy lecithin. It also markets lecithin and special esters produced by other Lasenor production units in Spain, Russia, Argentina and India.

In its desire to offer the highest possible quality standard, Lasenor Brazil is also FSSC22000 certified, which guarantees its food safety management system.

With these two certifications, Lasenor Brazil strengthens its presence as a manufacturer of food emulsifiers in the Americans, where it provides both local support to existing multinational companies and local customers in the region.

Many congratulations to the entire Lasenor Brazil team!

Lasenor exhibited at the 2021 Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai World Trade Centre

One year after the pandemic, Gulfood Manufacturing, returned to a live setting in order to present its latest innovations and smart solutions in food manufacturing. This brought together leading food authorities, manufacturing companies, supply chain entities, distributors, retailers and the most influential names in the industry, with the aim of meeting, discussing, learning and sharing at its conferences for another year.

We provided the opportunity to learn about Lasenor’s latest innovations in natural food emulsifiers.

For another year, the whole team was delighted to participate in and be part of the Gulfood Manufacturing fair, which took place on 7th to 9th November at the Dubai World Trade Centre.


Lasenor USA Exhibited at the 2021 Chicago Section IFT Supplier’s Symposium & Expo – 3rd November, 2021

The changing habits of consumers concerned with improving their health as well as that of the planet has contributed to a boost in sales of Non-GMO foods.

In the USA, this movement is led by The Non-GMO Project, a food certification body which has more than 3,000 verified brands and more than 50,000 products representing more than $26 billion dollars in U.S. food sales.

One of the companies verified by this organization is Lasenor USA, certified to produce Non-GMO lecithins derived from sunflower and soybean. To achieve this, the company has optimized its supply chain in terms of the origin of raw materials from multiple countries.

In addition to Non-GMO lecithins, LASENOR USA is pleased to also offer product developers a new emulsifier option with our “The Power of Sun” portfolio of emulsifiers derived from Non-GMO sunflower. A broad range of sunflower derived emulsifiers are available as drop-in replacements for many common emulsifier applications.

Lasenor USA presented the company and their innovative ingredient solutions at the 59th annual Chicago Section IFT Suppliers’ Symposium and Expo, on 3rd November, 2021 at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center, Rosemont, Illinois, which was Join us at booth #127 at one of the largest industry trade events of its kind. 

Lasenor takes part in Africa Food Manufacturing

This August, from 2nd to 4th, Lasenor was present at the Africa Food Manufacturing exhibition held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in Cairo.

At its stand, Lasenor had the opportunity to present the company’s latest innovations in food emulsifiers of natural origin to its numerous visitors.

Africa Food Manufacturing is a unique meeting point for supply chain professionals in the food and beverage manufacturing industry in the Egypt region. Additionally, for professionals looking for innovation in ingredients as well as the latest solutions in processing, packaging and logistic solutions applicable to the sector.

In addition to learning about the latest technologies in all these areas, this important event provided manufacturers, distributors and food professionals with new business opportunities in Africa and the Middle East; markets that offer rapid growth and expansion of the food industry.

Formerly known as Afropackaging, Africa Food Manufacturing has been running successfully in Cairo since 2012. In this latest edition, where it was possible to participate both in person and virtually, more than 200 exhibitors and 4,500 visitors from 20 countries were present, who were able to learn about the latest trends and movements in the sector.

As such, in addition to networking meetings arranged by an innovative artificial intelligence system, participants to this important event also had the opportunity to attend an extensive program of conferences by experts in: food science, nutrition and public health, food safety, food fraud, R&D and innovation, sustainability and waste management, food technology, supply chain and traceability, rules and regulations of exports, etc..


Lasenor attends Gulfood Manufacturing in Dubai as exhibitor between the 29th and the 31th of October.

Meet our team and discover the latest news about our food emulsifiers specialities and their applications. We will be honoured to meet you there. You are warmly welcome in our booth S2.D23.