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2Logo lasenor 130x140px 02 LASENOR Russia

More than 40% of the sunflower grown worldwide is cultivated in South Western Russia and Eastern Ukraine. This region is, by far, the biggest region of the world in terms of sunflower production.

This is the reason why Lasenor, as a relevant producer of sunflower lecithin, decided to build a Factory in Azov (Rostov Oblast, Russian Federation). This location, close to the sunflower plantations and also close to the Sea of Azov, provides outstanding logistic advantages in terms of both, supply of raw material to our factory and shipment of finished lecithin, ready-to-market, to our customers all around the world.

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This factory operates since 2012 and it reinforces Lasenor’s position as a leading global company in Sunflower Lecithin.

Additionally, Lasenor’s factory in Azov also produces Non Genetically Modified Soya Lecithin, fulfilling the highest requirements in terms of GMO and always ensuring full traceability to Non Genetically Modified Soybeans.

Azov’s factory exports sunflower lecithin to many countries in the world and imports Lasenor’s products made in the other factories of the group, which are then distributed among our customers in the Russian Federation by Lasenor’s local Sales Team.

Lasenor’s Factory in Azov is certified FSSC 22000, and the products manufactured in this site are Kosher and Halal.


4, Zavodskaya street Azov Rostov Region, 346780
Russian Federation
+7 (863) 320-01-74