To balance cost reduction and quality demands, the meat industry has adopted new production techniques and innovative ingredients or additives. This has led to increased productivity and longer shelf life for their products. Emulsifiers and functional systems play a crucial role in ensuring consistent quality and performance in an industrial environment:

  • Increase yield.
  • Reduce cooking loss.
  • Improve the appearance of the cut surface.
  • Guarantee a high water-binding capacity.
  • Reduce syneresis during storage.
  • Optimize the “bite.”

Meat batters made from processed meat are a type of emulsion that is prone to instability. To prevent this, meat proteins such as actin and myosin can be activated with sodium chloride and phosphates and subjected to shear forces in a cutter. This can be further stabilized with the use of stabilizing systems like SWISSGUM® M range and emulsifiers such as CORIS® range. These ingredients help improve the texture, increase the stability of the emulsion during processing, and prevent fat separation.

In meat emulsions such as Liver Pâté, Lasenor proposes sunflower-based emulsifiers, the VEROL® GH range, that supplies several advantages compared to the traditional palm-based emulsifiers:

  • Improved visual appearance.
  • Reduction of fat separation.
  • Good spreadability.
  • Optimized firmness.

Lyoner or frankfurter-type sausages are meat products that require high processing. To achieve the correct treatment of the proteins, they must be processed in a cutter. For optimal results, it is recommended to use the CORIS® range of emulsifiers (Citric acid ester). The advantages to the final product include:

  • Good appearance of the surface and the cut surface in terms of structure and color.
  • Significant reduction of gel separation.
  • Good mouthfeel and sliceability.
  • Quick achievement of the final firmness.
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GR E471Time 683X434 e1635512400510

In this application, the use of the SWISSGUM® M range of stabilizing systems helps to stabilize the emulsion structure, increasing the water-binding end gelling capacity. This will result in a better mouthfeel (bite).


“Injected meat” refers to products like ham or turkey that are made from a block of minced lean meat and animal fat. This block is injected with a significant amount of brine through a process called “injection”.

To achieve the highest injection rate in these products, it’s crucial to enhance their water-holding capacity. Our SWISSGUM® M stabilizing system range can help carry out this by creating a gel and binding the protein through a reaction with the other ingredients.