LASENOR Barcelona

Lasenor’s headquarters is located in the town of Olesa de Montserrat, about 30 Km away from Barcelona. The R&D activities of Lasenor are centralized in this site, together with the pilot plants and the workrooms, where the new products can be developed and tested.

The whole product range can be manufactured in this site:

  • Liquid lecithins from different botanical sources: sunflower, Non GM Soya, GM Soya and rapeseed.
  • Special lecithins: hydrolyzed, fluidized for instant powders, …
  • Lecithins on carrier: in powder form.
  • Synthetic emulsifiers from different origins: palm, sustainable palm, sunflower, …
  • Compounds: combinations of different synthetic emulsifiers or synthetic emulsifiers with lecithin.

Organic lecithins (standardized and specialities) are also available. Contact our team for further information.

Lasenor’s factory in Barcelona is certified FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000.

Products manufactured in this site can be delivered with the following certificates:


Carretera C-55, km. 5,3
08640 Olesa de Montserrat
P.O. BOX 76


India is the main producer of Non Genetically Modified Soy. This is why India was chosen by Lasenor as the country to build a plant dedicated to Non-GM Soya lecithin. The factory is located in Nagpur, in the heart of the region where the soybean crops are grown.

Since the very beginning, this plant was designed and built according to the highest Quality Standards. The aim being to supply already existing key accounts and customers that Lasenor had in the most demanding countries in terms of Quality and GMO-free warranties. Thanks to this philosophy, we are proud to say that Lasenor India is a state-of-the-art lecithin factory in India.

Lasenor’s Factory in India produces standardized, refined and modified, mostly hydrolyzed, Non-GM soya lecithins. From this plant, we supply all the customers directly with these products as well as the Indian market, where we have our own Sales Team.

In order to complete the range of products which Lasenor offers from India, the decision was taken in 2012 to invest in a synthetic emulsifiers’ production plant. Different kinds of monoglycerides (both saturated and unsaturated), citric esters, polyglycerol esters, sorbitol esters, PGPR and other specialities are made in Lasenor India. This investment makes our synthetic emulsifiers more competitive pricewise in regions that were too far to be delivered from Western Europe.

Lasenor India is certified FSSC 22000 and FSSAI and registered in Sedex. Products manufactured in this site can be delivered with the following certifications: Foodchain-ID (Former Cert-ID for Non GM Soy lecithin), ProTerra (Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability), RSPO (sustainable palm), Kosher and Halal.


G-57 Five Star Industrial Area, MIDC Butibori

Nagpur India
+91 7104 304240


More than 40% of the sunflower grown worldwide is cultivated in South Western Russia and Eastern Ukraine. This region is, by far, the biggest region of the world in terms of sunflower production.

This is the reason why Lasenor, as a relevant producer of sunflower lecithin, decided to build a Factory in Azov (Rostov Oblast, Russian Federation). This location, close to the sunflower plantations and also close to the Sea of Azov, provides outstanding logistic advantages in terms of both, supply of raw material to our factory and shipment of finished lecithin, ready-to-market, to our customers all around the world.

This factory has been in operation since 2012 and it reinforces Lasenor’s position as a leading global company in Sunflower Lecithin.

Additionally, Lasenor’s factory in Azov also produces Non Genetically Modified Soya Lecithin, fulfilling the highest requirements in terms of GMO and always ensuring full traceability to Non Genetically Modified Soybeans.

Azov’s factory exports sunflower lecithin to many countries in the world and imports Lasenor’s products made in the other factories of the group, which are then distributed among our customers in the Russian Federation by Lasenor’s local Sales Team.

Lasenor’s Factory in Azov is certified FSSC 22000, and the products manufactured in this site are Kosher and Halal.


4, Zavodskaya street Azov Rostov Region, 346780
Russian Federation
+7 (863) 320-01-74


The factory in Potim – State of Sao Paulo (Brazil), very close to the Aparecida do Norte Cathedral, is designed to manufacture standardized Soy lecithin.

The construction of this factory is another step towards Lasenor’s goal in terms of raw material supply: to be close to their origins. In addition Brazil is, of course, a leading producer of soya.

With this factory, Lasenor is increasing its presence in the Americas, providing local support to existing multinational companies and local customers in the region.

In addition, Lasenor Brazil is also marketing Specialty Lecithin and Esters produced by other Lasenor production units in Spain, Russia, Argentina and India.

Lasenor Brazil is Halal and Kosher certified.


Av. Heubach 1000, Armazem A Vista Alegre
12525-000 Potim
+55 99454 1744


Lasenor USA, LLC is a joint venture between Lasenor and Simmons Grain.

The company, based in Salem, OH, United States, offers a full set of Non-GMO and Organic Lecithin products suitable for different Food and Feed applications.

Lasenor’s products Giralec (sunflower lecithin) and Verolec Non-GMO IP (Non GMO Soy lecithin) are NON GMO PROJECT VERIFIED for the customers in the United States and Canada.

In addition, Lasenor USA is also marketing Specialty Lecithin and Esters produced by other Lasenor production units in Spain, Russia, Argentina and India.


600 Snyder Rd
Salem, OH, 44460
United States of America
+1 (800) 754-1228

Lasenor Argentina

Lasenor actively works to be as close as possible to their raw material sources. That was the reason for creating a new plant based in Argentina, where Lasenor provides technical know-how and market knowledge in food applications.

This factory is focused on the standardization, refining and hydrolysis of lecithin. Orders received from Lasenor’s Sales Team throughout the world are processed and shipped from this production site next to the Paraná river.