2Logo lasenor 130x140px 02 Commitment to sustainable development, social progress, environmental balance and economic growth

2Logo lasenor 130x140px 02 Commitment to sustainable development, social progress, environmental balance and economic growth.

Lasenor’s environmental policy is aligned with the principles, values and strategic lines of the company, having the same relevance as the rest of the business criteria which are key to its management.

The fight against climate change and the preservation of the natural world has become a strategic priority for Lasenor, which has developed a policy that has contributed to minimizing the impact of the resources necessary to develop its activity, starting with water consumption, as well as waste separation and analysis. In this way, a second life can be given to the by-products generated in the various chemical processes, which can be useful for production in industries from other sectors.

The third and final area of action has been energy consumption, where action has been taken on two fronts: efficiency and clean energy generation.

In order to reduce its carbon footprint, the company monitors, both internally and externally, the impact of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted directly and indirectly, and is awaiting government validation for the corresponding compensation of CO2 absorption projects.

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C02Neutral Lasenor

Lasenor’s commitment against climate change

Lasenor is pleased to present the carbon footprint logo that we are going to implement at Lasenor.

It is not just a graphic element, for us it is a reflection of our public commitment to manage greenhouse gas emissions associated with our industrial activity in a more sustainable way.

With the adoption of this logo, we want to highlight the relevance that the fight against climate change has for Lasenor today. We want it to be the expression of a new era of best practice that contributes to a significant reduction of the company’s emissions in its natural environment.

To achieve this, we also need the involvement of our clients in this collective task of preserving our environment.

In addition, accompanying measures are needed in order to hit the goal of zero CO2 emissions, which have inspired this new logo. Among these measures, the implementation of external controls for government validation of our carbon footprint should be highlighted. This transparency exercise should help us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a global and integrated way in Lasenor’s daily activity.

The climate is changing and so we must change too. This will be the best response Lasenor can give to its natural environment, to its customers and to the wider society.