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Lasenor is a company that communicates with clients and makes decisions easily and quickly, thanks to its corporate culture of direct structures. We maintain a family business culture, with a horizontal division where all departments have the capacity to make decisions. 

Our mission is to constantly adapt to the needs of our customers with solutions that respond to new societal concerns. This includes: environmental sustainability, transparency in the list of ingredients, as well as strength of the entire supply chain. We are also committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our activities at our production plants, working in a way that respects nature and prevents pollution, all in order to protect the natural world and provide added value to society.

Lasenor’s roots can be found in Catalonia’s industrial tradition at the beginning of the 21st century. This industrial history began in the 1920s, but it was not until 1975 that the current group of food companies was created. Society, the market and its products have evolved a lot,

but the company’s principles have remained unchanged since its origins:

  • Family spirit and involvement in the society around us.
  • Striving for innovation, from our very first steps.
  • Targeting geographic growth in order to participate in the global market.
  • Responsibility in the face of climate change.
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  • Environmental protection, sustainable use of natural resources and the fight against climate change.
  • Innovation as a driver of productivity and sustainability.
  • Research and development of new technologies that contribute to reducing the impact of climate change.
  • A work environment that guarantees people’s health and safety.
  • Social responsibility and commitment to our community.
  • Teamwork and a shared commitment to promote our sustainable development and that of our natural and social environment.
  • Excellence in our professional activity as a way to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our clients and our community.
  • Transparency, honesty and trust as hallmarks of our professional and social activity.
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2Logo lasenor 130x140px 02 Corporate Social Responsibility

2Logo lasenor 130x140px 02 Corporate Social Responsibility

Lasenor carries out a set of activities aimed at guaranteeing the protection of the society and the environment.

The gardening maintenance is outsourced to “FUPAR”, a non-profit organization that promotes the training and socio-labour inclusion of grown-up people with functional diversity, first and foremost intellectual and developmental disabilities, providing employment guidance and therapeutic, psycho-pedagogical and social support.

The company also collaborates with “MUA Solidaris”, also a non-profit organization that is raising funds to finance the research activities of Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona to fight childhood cancer.

Lasenor also collaborates with “FUNDACIÓ ÀURIA“, an organization that works to ensure the autonomy, quality of life and equal opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities, mental illness or who are at risk of social exclusion.

At our headquarters, the people involved in this organization carry out different gardening jobs and are also in charge of showing visitors around our facilities.

FUNDACIÓ ÀURIA” is currently one of the main examples of social economy in Barcelona.

We are proud to implement improvements that have a positive impact on the community and we commit to keep on working to improve even further.
Lasenor is also member of the following organizations:

  • ProTerra: environmental sustainability and social responsibility on Soybean lecithin.
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