As people become more aware of their health, they are looking for healthier choices, which has caused a rise in the demand for organic products. This increasing demand for organic products in different countries leads food manufacturers to take a keen interest in organic ingredients. By doing so, they can adhere to the regulations and correctly label their finished products.

Lasenor, a company that produces food emulsifiers and functional systems, is keeping up with this trend by developing organic lecithin and stabilizing systems.


Being a specialist in developing tailor-made lecithin according to consumers’ needs, Lasenor proposes different botanical origins to the manufacturers of organic food products:

  • VEROLEC® ORGANIC SRN (soya-based).
  • GIRALEC® ORGANIC SRN (sunflower-based).

Lasenor’s Organic Lecithin has the following characteristics:

  • It complies with the Organic Regulations in the EU and the USA. However, it is advisable to check local regulations that may apply.
  • It is obtained using a mechanical press and controlled temperature refining without solvents.
  • Thanks to Lasenor’s SRN technology, it is of premium quality with reduced impurities and off-flavors.

In addition to the regular organic lecithin, Lasenor also provides unique, organic lecithin options like fluidized and baby food lecithin. These alternatives are designed to enhance performance in various applications.


Lasenor offers stabilizing systems under the brands SWISSGUM® BIO and SWISSGUM® B, which can be used in various food applications to provide numerous benefits such as:

  • Control viscosity.
  • Enhance whipping functions.
  • Improve consistency.
  • Reduce the sedimentation of solid particles.
  • Control elasticity of products.

All the organic SWISSGUM brand products are manufactured in accordance with the EU regulations and the Swiss Organic Farming Ordinance.