LASENOR BLOQUE 2 icono titulo 1 Baby Food Lecithin

LASENOR BLOQUE 2 icono titulo 1  Baby Food Lecithin

In our India plant and now also in Barcelona, Lasenor has a cleanroom for the production of lecithin for baby food.

Having equipment of this quality is a necessary step to ensure that, once the lecithin has been prepared via a special thermal treatment process, no subsequent microbiological contamination of the product will be possible.

Besides the microbiological controls that are now possible thanks to this cleanroom, it also serves for controlling general contaminants that are just  as exhaustive which, if they don’t apply directly to lecithin, are in fact parameters that apply to baby food products and as such have to be checked in any raw material or additive to be used in such a product.



Lecithin is used in baby food mostly for the production of baby formula. These powdered milks have to be dissolved or prepared in water and lecithin, as an emulsifier, is a instantizing agent that helps dissolve the powder, without which, achieving such a result would be quite difficult.

The main difficulties associated with the production of baby food lecithin are due to the fact that, originally being a raw product, it does not come with a standardized quality adapted to the food industry in general. Even if it can be free of pathogenic microorganisms, it is not a sterile product, which means it contains non-pathogenic microorganisms at levels that are generally acceptable for the food industry but with higher values than the generally accepted ones for baby food.

Moreover, lecithin is often used in the last production phase of formula, with no other phase following it that could reduce the microbiology, unlike what can happen with other solutions bakery, where the product undergoes the high temperatures of an oven.



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The production capacity of the cleanroom for baby food lecithin will be around 1,500 tonnes/year, although this number will vary greatly depending on how much flexibility there is in the manipulation of the various types of lecithins and the products tailor-made for certain clients.
Indeed, one of the added-value elements we aim to offer to the market, as we do with other Lasenor products, is an ad hoc service for clients with specific preparation needs for the fabrication of their products. Such needs may be, for instance, the formula to be applied in the fabrication of their products or the availability of analytics determining the different qualities of lecithin.

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