2Logo lasenor 130x140px 02 International calling

2Logo lasenor 130x140px 02 International calling

Originally, Lasenor was a family company, yet from its founding, the orientation towards the world was clear, knowing this was a fundamental strategy for the development of its business.

This is why today Lasenor is a global brand, its products and services are present in more than 100 countries, and it has production plants in 6 countries on 3 continents.

India, Russia, Brazil, United States and Argentina are the countries that, together with Spain, make up the companies of the Lasenor Group. These locations were chosen in order to be close to where the basic raw materials needed for the manufacture of products are grown. This was also because of its commitment to service in order to rapidly supply its clients and with full quality guarantees for clients in some regional markets with high standards.

This company structure enables Lasenor to practice a proximity policy to its more than 1,500 clients all over the world and to provide them with tailored answers to their various needs.

2Logo lasenor 130x140px 02 A worldwide brand

2Logo lasenor 130x140px 02 A worldwide brand

In particular, Lasenor’s aim of focusing on the origins of its main raw materials has been its main globalization factor, as this has given it the possibility to create a supply chain enabling it to control the quality of the entire manufacturing process of its products.

Furthermore, Lasenor’s products are highly technical and require great efforts both in terms of research and investments. Though at the same time, these products are sold in relatively small markets, far from the normal volumes of the mass food consumption sector. These two factors explain why LASENOR is a brand that looks out at the world, targeting the main international markets.

Finally, in the past few decades, Lasenor has witnessed the intense globalization process of its main partners and clients. That in turn has pushed our company to develop its own globalization policy in order adequately serve our clients. This policy aims to offer our products and solutions in the best conditions possible to all our clients, regardless of their location.

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