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LASENOR BLOQUE 2 icono titulo 1 Soft Gel Capsules

LASENOR BLOQUE 2 icono titulo 1  Soft Gel Capsules

Only special lecithins can fulfill the specific requirements in terms of viscosity range, stability, impurities, color stability batch-to-batch and microbiological control.

Not every lecithin is suitable for the production of soft gel capsules. Only special lecithins, conceived for this application, can fulfill the specific requirements:

  • Viscosity range adapted to the manufacturer’s capsules production process.
  • Stability to avoid oil separation, which damages the product’s image in transparent capsules.
  • Minimized impurities, that affect lecithin’s transparency and might also deteriorate the look of the product.
  • Stabilized color batch-to-batch, avoiding color changes in the capsule and improving the perception of quality.
  • Strict microbiological control, critical point in a lecithin suitable for direct consumption.
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Thanks to the co-operation with manufacturers of soft gel capsules throughout the years, Lasenor has developed a deep understanding and a wide range of products, based on different vegetable origins:

  • VEROLEC 56 NON GMO IP® for products based on Non GM soy lecithin
  • GIRALEC® for products based on sunflower lecithin
  • SEMILEC® for products based on rapeseed lecithin
  • VEROLEC® for products based on GM soy lecithin

ORGANIC lecithins for soft gel capsules also available. Contact our team for more information.

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