Unlocking Growth: Lasenor's Acquisition of Ingreto Energizes South African Market

This latest addition marks a significant step forward in Lasenor’s efforts to expand its reach in South Africa and enhance its foothold in the region.

We are thrilled to announce that Lasenor has recently acquired Ingreto, opening up new opportunities for growth in the South African market.

Founded in 2006, Ingreto has emerged as a prominent player in the bustling city of Kya Sand, Johannesburg. Specializing in food sector services and distribution, the company has been instrumental in promoting Lasenor’s products across South Africa over the past five years.

South Africa factory

This strategic acquisition signifies more than just a transaction; it represents a fusion of expertise and resources aimed at unlocking fresh opportunities and driving innovation. By leveraging Ingreto’s established distribution network and industry insights, Lasenor aims to enhance accessibility and availability while diversifying its product portfolio to meet evolving market demands.

The synergy between Lasenor and Ingreto holds immense promise. For Lasenor, it opens doors to broader market penetration and heightened brand visibility. Meanwhile, Ingreto gains access to a wider array of products and resources, empowering it to expand its offerings and better serve its clientele.

As Lasenor and Ingreto embark on this exciting journey together, the future brims with potential. Stay tuned for updates as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of South Africa’s food sector, driven by a shared commitment to excellence and innovation.