Bakery and patisserie are extremely broad market segments that include an extensive catalog of products which, in turn, are produced and sold in many countries with different local needs and requirements.

However, these market segments lean towards a more industrial production model that calls for a more efficient production process, forcing manufacturers to adapt their recipes in order to be more competitive in such a global market as the current one.

As in many other sectors, bakery and patisserie seek to optimize their production processes, reducing their costs and extending the useful life of their products, but always with the common goal of offering the highest quality in their end product.

To meet these quality standards, it is vital and essential that bakery and patisserie professionals use the best ingredients, food components that make their work easier and provide them with better results.

This is the case of Lasenor® BK, a new range of activated emulsifiers in powder format, created by the R&D+i Department at Lasenor and facilitating the production process for cakes and bakery mixes.

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What advantages does Lasenor® BK provide?

In bakery, emulsifiers are often incorporated into the recipe in the form of hydrates or cake gel. However, these emulsifying systems require hydration or pre-treatment, and have certain stability and dosage limitations. Furthermore, they cannot be added as ingredients in powdered bakery mixes used by industry, artisans, or in home cooking.

Those limitations are overcome with Lasenor® BK, which provides:

  • Longer shelf life
  • Easier dosing
  • Increased suitability in bakery mixes and retail products

Another limitation overcome by this new range of emulsifiers involves the effects of egg reduction that many manufacturers are implementing in order to reduce their production costs. If there is a basic and expensive ingredient in almost all cake recipes, that would be the egg. Now, thanks to Lasenor® BK, the main properties of products such as eggs can be preserved while achieving financial profit in their production.

In the attached images, the cake on the left corresponds to a recipe with egg reduction containing Lasenor® BK, while the one on the right is made using the same recipe, but without an emulsifier.


Another advantage to highlight is that, with Lasenor® BK, all the ingredients can be mixed at the same time in the so-called “all-in” process. Incorporated air is maximized, evenly distributed, and stabilized in the dough during baking, allowing for an even crumb and larger cake volumes.

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This “all-in ” process also provides the following added benefits in the end product:

  • Bigger volume
  • Increased efficiency
  • Extended softness
  • Improved mouthfeel
  • Finer crumb structure
  • Smoother surface
  • Longer service life

Dose and mixing time

A challenge that Lasenor® BK also solves is the reduction in mixing time, providing an optimized production process and, consequently, lower costs for the manufacturer.

In the image below you can see that, after a few minutes of mixing, the required dough density is obtained. In processes where long mixing times are required, Lasenor® BK shows exceptional functionality to maximize air intake, providing bigger volumes, extended softness, and an improved mouthfeel.

If we compare the dough density curves and the whipping time for different cake recipes in the attached graph, we can see that longer mixing times do not negatively affect product performance, as there is no loss of air in the system.

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Meeting market demands

As a leading company in the production and application of emulsifiers for food, Lasenor develops new products aimed at meeting market demands and improving the manufacturing processes of the products of companies in the sector.

With the launch of Lasenor® BK, our company offers an innovative solution in the field of food emulsifiers to one of the most important challenges that bakery and patisserie shops currently face at an industrial level. And with the highest quality and maximum financial performance!

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