Lasenor develops research + innovation into new products and processes

From its very beginning, Lasenor understood that its medium and long term growth required continuous evolution in research, development and technological innovation (R&D&I). 

This commitment to innovation is an intrinsic part of the company’s DNA. For this reason, the company dedicates a significant part of its economic, human and material resources to the development of new products and processes that reinforce its position in the food market.

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The R&D&I technical team includes chemists, engineers and technologists. Its main objectives include the evaluation, planning and management of new projects. These are focused on the development of new products aimed at meeting market demands or improving the manufacturing processes of the company’s existing products.

This department selects the appropriate raw materials for the synthesis of any new emulsifier and carries out laboratory testing and industrial trials in pilot plants.

Such plants are available for both development and application, allowing us to evaluate the function of our emulsifiers in different finished products. We seek to offer the best solution to our customers, which is why we work closely with them to design customized products that guarantee the best results for each application and formulation.

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