Lasenor integrates spray drying technology in the manufacturing process of its emulsifiers

Lasenor has always placed emphasis on innovation in the fabrication processes of its products. One example of this commitment to innovation is the latest integration of spray drying technology at its Olesa de Montserrat plant.

Using a system based on spray dying enables for the improvement of the physiochemical properties of emulsifiers. Thanks to an ultra-fast process, products are vaporized at the highest quality while preserving their core characteristics.

This drying process also offers the possibility of obtaining a final product in powder form, which is much easier to manipulate and transport and impacts the final cost of the product.

Given the possibilities offered by spray drying technology, Lasenor has qualitatively expanded its service catalog, which now offers new solutions adapted to any needs its clients may have with regards to the elaboration of their products.

But as always when introducing new processes in a company, integrating this technology has been a challenge for the Lasenor teams. First, such a technologically complex and imposing equipment as this one had to be tuned. Second, very complex products had to be developed from the products that the company already synthesized, as well as new synthetic derivatives, similar to the previous ones, which had to be modified in order to achieve the necessary features.

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Technical characteristics and features

In this new installation, the product is introduced in a water base. In order to fully hydrate it, an emulsion is created with emulsifiers, bases, and other ingredients like stabilizers, which are injected at high pressure into the spraying chamber, meaning there is a counterflow of air at high temperatures. This way, the water evaporates and remains an integrated emulsifier onto a base, already activated and prepared to be appropriately rehydrated. Once powdered, the product is then automatically bagged.

One of the main advantages that these emulsifiers have with regards to similar products used for the same purposes but hydrated at 50 or 60%, is how easy they are to handle, their cost effectiveness and the cost reduction for their transfer.

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Type of products

The products that Lasenor elaborates with the spray-dryer are mostly used in the pastry industry, and in particular for products that are to be used in the production of cakes, muffins, sheets, pies, marble cakes and much more.

The dry-spraying technology is also used for products used in production processes such as creams, whipped vegetal creams, pie fillings, pie decorations, airy or whipped desserts, (semi-frozen or frozen), milk or plant-based milk beverages, smoothies, fermented products such as yogurt/cottage cheese, etc.

Moreover, they can be found as part of powdered products, mixed with other ingredients such as stabilizers, gums, proteins, serums, alginates, etc. for a wide range of domains in the food industry.

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