Lasenor offers a selection of activated emulsifier systems designed specifically for foams and whipped toppings as well as a wide range of application recipes and expertise to help our customers in the production of high-performance powdered whipping mixes.

Pastry professionals love whipping desserts because they may be used as a fat base for cake fillings, cake decoration, cupcakes, and cake layers. The variety of products and organoleptic qualities that can be achieved with them is huge and can change by the addition of different ingredients.

Lasenor® TP range is used in whipped desserts to enhance whipped cream stability giving the final product a soft and stable structure with a good distribution of air bubbles. The quality parameters of these systems are the overrun (quantity of air incorporated into the system) and firmness (the consistency of the aerated product). 


Using the spray drying technology, Lasenor developed a new range of activated emulsifiers, specially designed for whipped dessert applications. Thanks to an ultra-fast process, products are vaporized while preserving their core characteristics and quality. This drying process offers the possibility of obtaining a final product in powder form, which is much easier to manipulate and transport and affects the final cost of the product.

What we get is a product in powder made by a mix of emulsifiers, protein, and fat; all supported on a carrier system of glucose syrup.

There is a suitable product of the range for every recipe, ingredients, and mixing equipment:

Lasenor® TP range for whipping creams

  • Ensures high volumes and foam stability
  • Gets the perfect texture for decorations
  • Creamy mouthfeel
  • No syneresis
  • Good cutability
whipped cream

Lasenor® TP range in mousses

  • imparts a uniform structure with a good body
  • Enhances sensorial properties
  • Soft and stable structure with a good distribution of air bubbles
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Lasenor® TP range in milkshakes

  • Imparts a uniform structure with an excellent mouthfeel
  • Creamy aerated and stable foam

Lasenor® TP range in ice-creams

  • increases viscosity
  • improves aeration, cryoprotection, and melting resistance
  • Gives excellent texture


The use of Lasenor® TP range products supply a broad spectrum of advantages throughout the whole chain where it is used, either as a part of a mix in powder or as a direct additive:

In the powdered mix:

  • Extended storage life
  • Easy dosage

In the whipping process:

  • Short whipping time
  • Best overrun
  • Whipping tolerance

In the finished product:

  • Firm foam
  • Stability, with no syneresis
  • Smooth and soft texture

Activated emulsifiers as Lasenor® TP range play a significant role in producing whipped desserts with the attributes wished by bakers, chefs, and final customers.

If you’d like to learn more about how Lasenor® TP range can help you and select the right emulsifiers for frozen desserts, please contact us