Good news for The Lasenor Group, as its subsidiary in United States, has obtained the Food Chain ID and the non-GMO project certifications that support its production of non-GMO products.

Genetic Modified food has raised consumer concerns about its impact on the environment and human and animal health. As a result, many countries require mandatory labeling of foods having genetically modified ingredients when the percentage exceeds a certain threshold. 

To meet consumer transparency demands and to be able to produce our VEROLEC NON-GMO IP range of products, Lasenor USA has worked extremely hard to be Food Chain ID and the non-GMO project certified. 

The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization focused on genetically modified organisms. Founded in 2007, thanks to an initiative of a group of foods retailers of the United States and Canada, it is now a recognized entity to create a standardized definition for non-GMO products in the North American food industry.


Food Chain ID (a leader in non-GMO certification) launched the first Non-GMO Certification and Non-GMO Mark (product seal) in 1999 to quickly identify non-GMO products in the marketplace. Today, the Global Food Chain ID Non-GMO Standard is recognized as the benchmark for a production system that does not genetically modify its products, as it applies a quality management system approach to identity preservation.

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Lasenor USA, based in Salem, Ohio, was created in June 2019 to introduce Lasenor Group’s extensive lecithin and emulsifier product lines to producers in the North American marketplace. In its desire to offer the highest possible quality standard, Lasenor USA is also FSSC22000 certified, guaranteeing its food safety management system.

Thanks to these certifications, Lasenor USA strengthens its presence as a manufacturer of food emulsifiers in North America, where it supplies local support to customers in the region.

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Many congratulations to the entire Lasenor USA team!