Elevate your baking efficiency with LASENOR® BK-111: a revolutionary activated emulsifier

In the ever-expansive landscape of the baking industry, where diversity is paramount, a subtle yet profound shift is taking place. The imperative for production efficiency quietly transforms how bakers approach their craft. This evolution is not merely a passing trend but a strategic response to the ever-changing dynamics of a globalized market.

Adapting to Industrial Evolution

The bakery segment is a vast tapestry, encompassing many products, each presenting its own challenges and preferences across diverse countries. From timeless pound cakes to regional specialties, the market’s diversity necessitates innovative solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of both bakers and consumers.

As the baking industry trends towards a more industrialized production model and embraces globalization, manufacturers face the challenge of recalibrating recipes for machinability, cost-effectiveness, and extended shelf life. In response to this demand for efficiency, we proudly introduce LASENOR® BK-111 – a revolutionary activated emulsifier meticulously designed to meet the evolving demands of modern bakers.


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LASENOR® BK-111: tailored solutions for today's challenges

Crafted specifically for high-fat cake recipes, including pound cakes, muffins, brownies, and more, LASENOR® BK-111 is poised to address bakers’ multifaceted challenges in today’s dynamic market. Setting itself apart in an efficiency-driven landscape, this activated emulsifier simplifies baking with easy powder-form handling.

LASENOR® BK -111 seamlessly integrates into both cakes and bakery mixes, allowing the addition of all ingredients simultaneously. This streamlines the process and significantly reduces mixing time while maximizing air incorporation. The result is consistently superior baked goods with an elevated texture, extended softness, and a fine crumb structure.


Empowering Modern Bakers with activated emulsifiers

In the face of a changing baking landscape, LASENOR® BK-111 emerges as a versatile solution, addressing the imperative for efficiency without compromising quality. Its ease of use and transformative impact on baked goods’ texture and shelf-life position it as an indispensable tool for bakers aspiring to high quality in an increasingly competitive market. LASENOR® BK-111 stands as a transformative ingredient, empowering bakers to navigate the demands of efficiency while preserving the essence of their craft.

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Experience the difference with LASENOR® BK-111 and usher in a new era of baking innovation!

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