A Suggested Recipe for Margarine with Superior Whipping Properties

In the world of baking, achieving the perfect crumb structure, appearance, and volume in cakes is an art form cherished by bakers and enjoyed by cake enthusiasts alike. As the demand for exquisite cakes and creamy filling creams continues to rise, the need for high-quality margarine with excellent whipping properties becomes paramount. This article presents a carefully crafted recipe for full-fat margarine that incorporates air effortlessly and guarantees softness for easy mixing.


Incorporating air into margarine for creams and cakes is a crucial aspect of their formulation. Selecting the right emulsifiers is essential to achieve the desired softness and stability without the risk of oil separation.

For optimal results, Lasenor recommends using distilled monoglycerides or mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (E-471) in combination with polyglycerol esters (E-475). These combinations ensure perfect softness, stability, and air incorporation for your baking creations.

Our cake margarine recipe

This suggested margarine recipe is specially designed to elevate your baking creations, be it cakes or filling creams. One of the key goals of this formulation is to ensure the batter retains air splendidly, resulting in an enhanced crumb structure and appearance. Moreover, the dough volume experiences a delightful boost, creating light, airy cakes and a pleasure to indulge in.

The Emulsifiers: VEROL IG-90 (Mono- and Diglyceride of Fatty Acids – E471) and VEROL P/PG (Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids – E475)

At the heart of this margarine recipe lies VEROL IG-90, a sunflower-based mono- and diglyceride of fatty acids (E471), chosen for its ability to stabilize emulsions and reduce whipping time. VEROL IG-90 ensures that air remains entrapped in the cake batter, leading to cakes with a delightful texture and volume.

Another key ingredient that contributes to the margarine’s outstanding ability to retain air in the batter is VEROL P/PG, the Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids (E475). Like its counterpart, VEROL IG-90, this emulsifier plays a crucial role in ensuring the batter retains its lightness and fluffiness.

The Crystal Network Stabilizer: NORGRAS CRS

To further enhance the stability and texture of the margarine, we introduce NORGRAS CRS, a crystallizer renowned for its prowess in forming a robust crystal network. By stabilizing fat blends, NORGRAS CRS guarantees that the margarine maintains its excellent whipping properties, making it ideal for a variety of baking applications.

margarine cream


If you’re looking to take your baking to the next level, selecting the perfect margarine is key. This recipe for margarine with excellent whipping abilities is designed to meet the needs of both professional bakers and baking enthusiasts. By using VEROL IG-90, NORGRAS CRS, and VEROL P/PG, this high-fat margarine ensures a smooth consistency, effortless blending, and a delectable crumb structure.

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