Lasenor incorporates solar energy in its production

Lasenor’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability takes another step forward with the implementation of solar energy at its plant in Olesa de Montserrat.

Work has already begun on the installation of a solar farm that will generate a total of 13-15% of the electricity consumed at the plant and is scheduled to come into operation at the end of this year.

Specifically, a total of 608 photovoltaic panels are being installed on the roofs of the new warehouse, the parking lot and the facade of the solids tower.

Each of these 608 panels can generate a maximum power of 303.94 kWp and the total energy that the whole installation will produce in a year is 417,618 kWh.

All of this solar energy will be used for the plant’s energy needs and there are no plans at this time to export energy to the electricity grid in the event of any surplus.

The investment budget for the installation of this solar farm is around €200,000 and the return on investment is about 7 years with an economic saving of €500,000 to €800,000 in 25 years is predicted.

In addition to these panels, photovoltaic inverters will be installed to allow the energy produced by the solar panels to be adapted to the consumption of the Lasenor plant.

A monitoring system will also be installed to supervise, analyze and regulate the power of this new solar installation.

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Carbon footprint reduction via clean energy

Energy consumption has always been a priority area of action for Lasenor, which has sought maximum efficiency, both in terms of kilowatts spent per kilogram produced, as well as in terms of clean generation of these kilowatts.

This commitment to energy efficiency will now take a very important qualitative leap forward with the new solar farm that is being built at our plant in Olesa de Montserrat.

With the setup of the new solar farm, Lasenor will significantly reduce its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and the impact of its carbon footprint, another of its short-term priority objectives.

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