Lasenor opens its new sustainable warehouse

The new warehouse built in Lasenor production centre in Olesa de Montserrat has come into operation, to host the storage, inventory, and distribution functions of our products.
With an area of 1 800 m2, the new warehouse can house more than 3 000 pallets of products prepared for distribution to the national and international market.
It is a semi-automatic clad-rack warehouse with compact pallet racking, using Pallet Shuttle vehicles to make internal autonomous movements within the racks. Forklifts leave the load at the head of the rack. Then, the Pallet Shuttle moves it from the head, throughout the rails, to its final location. Different sensors control the movement of the stored load.

This system provides countless advantages:

  • Timesaving

During pallet loading and unloading. These are placed or extracted at the head of the racks, so the forklift does not enter into the raws, considerably reducing the time of manoeuvre.

  • Greater number of stored references

One reference per level/channel compared to the conventional compact system that is one in all levels of the same module/raw.

  • Greater number of pallets in depth

It admits a greater number of pallets in the channels since they can exceed 40 meters in depth.

  • Greater storage capacity

There is only one manoeuvring lane needed, regardless of the depth of the channels.

  • Greater effective capacity

The possibility of having the same reference in several different channels increases the effective capacity.

  • Decrease damage to the shelving

Since the forklift does not fit into the rack, knocks, friction and possible incidents that could damage the storage structure are avoided.

  • Lower risk of accidents

As the forklifts do not enter the raw/storage channels and, thanks to the construction system of the structure, the risk of accidents is practically non-existent.

  • Increase in production
  • Compatible with different measures of pallets
  • Minimum clearance in height

To optimize the performance of the new facility, Lasenor has implemented a management system based on SAP software and a radio frequency system, through which it will direct all its operations. This will allow it to offer a better and faster service to our customers in supplying orders.

A self-sufficient warehouse

Lasenor has taken advantage of the construction of this new warehouse to install more than 500 photovoltaic panels on its roof, which will allow us to be self-sufficient in our energy consumption.

This new solar garden, which is complemented by the plates installed on the roofs of the parking lot and the facade of the solid tower will give more efficient and clean energy to the Lasenor plant, in addition to significantly reducing its CO2 emissions and the impact of our carbon footprint.

An investment that responds to Lasenor commitment to minimize the environmental impact of our industrial activity in our fight against climate change.

sustainable warehouse